Change of ABA Court Booking System

Dear Members,
ABA has recently changed the Court Booking System.
do NOT use the lighting card anymore.
From now on, ABA will use the ABA Platform to handle the booking by an account using your email address as the reference.
If you have provided your correct and current email address on your membership application form, you should have received an email from ABA asking you to activate your account on the ABA Platform. Just follow the steps and you will able to input your details and book a court at the most discounted rate i.e. $10 per hour during off-peak and $14.50 per hour peak hour.
On the platform, there is an option to pay extra $200 to ABA in order to get the cheap rate. As you are a member of Pacific Club, you have the cheapest rate already and you NO need to pay any extra fee to ABA.
If you have not received any email from ABA regarding the ABA Platform, you may not have included your email on the application form or your email is not correct. Please contact me in order to amend your details.
If you do not want ABA to contact you via email, please advise us to remove your email address from the database.
Daniel Lee