Pacific Badminton Club was first formed by a group of social players
immigrated from the Asian countries about twenty years ago.
When the number of players kept increasing year after year,
it was then decided that the Club had to be properly organized and structured.
An Executive Committee was formed in 1997 with Mr. Donald Liow as our first President,
and he served consecutively for six years until 2002.
He was then succeeded by Mr. Vincent Wong from 2003 to 2016.
Our Club was incorporated in 1996.

 The initial social players twenty years ago were mainly ladies at the levels of D and E grades,

and there were also quite a number of beginners.
As time went by, they improved their playing skills
and the Club also attracted many higher grade players.
We now have players ranging from beginner to advance levels,

With only a few players some twenty years ago,

our membership is now around one hundred and sixty.
The sudden jump in membership was in 2003
when our junior club was first formed.

Our mission statement:

To provide a positive badminton experience to players
of all ages and abilities in the community

To also engender a social and friendly community spirit
within the club environment

To develop players to their full potential